Applied Research 2020 Stampa

Lead contractor: Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale, IT (lead contractor)

Partners: Institute for Employment Studies, UK; Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, DE; University College London, UK; Technische Universität Berlin, DE


  • Profecy - Inner peripheries: National territories facing challenges of access to basic services of general interest

University of Valencia, ES (lead contractor)

Partners: Nordregio, SE; CREA, IT; ILS, DE; MTA KRTK, HU; Federal institute for less favoured & mountainous areas, AT; TCP International, DE; University of Lodz, PL


Spatial Foresight, LU (lead contractor)

Partners: Mcrit, ES; Spiekermann & Wegener, DE; ISINNOVA, IT; Basque Center BC3, ES; Centre urban & territorial development, Institu Rozwoju, PL; TU Delft, NL; ÖIR, AT


TU Delft, NL (lead contractor)

Partners: ARL, DE; Institute of Geography, Polish Academy of Science, PL; Nordregio, SE; Politecnico di Torino, IT; Center for Economic & Regional Studies, HU; Spatial Foresight, LU; University College Dublin, IE; ÖIR, AT; Omgeving, BE; National Institute of Geophysics, BG; University of Thessali, GR; Czech technical University, CZ; University of Tartu, EE; Anna Geppert, FR; ILS Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, DE; Georgia Giannakourou, GR; London Southbank University, UK; Lithuanian Social Research Centre, LT; Architecture Project Ltd, MT; Centre for Geo. Studies, PT; Inst. Geography, SK; Ipop, SI; Mcrit, ES; Istanbul Technical University, TR


  • Bridges - Territories with geographical specificities

SPATIAL FORESIGHT GmbH, LU (lead contractor)

Partners: UHI Perth, UK; Nordregio, SE; Technopolis France, FR; University of Liverpool, UK; Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), SE; TCP-International GmbH, DE; University of Geneva – GEDT, CH; ÖIR, AT; E-cubed, MT; Accademia Europea di Bolzano- Eurac Research, IT; WYG – Croatia, HR; University of Cambridge, UK; University of Akureyri (UNAK), IS; Centre for Urban and Territorial Development, RO; Centre of Geographical Studies (Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning), University of Lisbon, PT